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Who should I vote for?  That’s the question Christians ask when they don’t know any of the candidates. Often the candidate who is able to buy the most advertising gets elected.

But now, a Pastors PAC (Political Action Committee) has been formed. The Pastors PAC vets candidates for elective office at the local, state and federal levels. The PAC then endorses qualified candidates who demonstrate a biblical world view. We believe this information is appreciated and very useful to Christians in deciding who to vote for.

Membership in the Pastors PAC is open to Pastors AND Leaders of Christian Ministries who ascribe to the theological beliefs listed on the application and who also participate financially. Interested persons should complete the Membership Application Form and remit it with a check payable to Pastors PAC. The mailing address is: Pastors PAC; P.O.Box 65161; San Antonio, TX 78265.

Your contribution must be a personal one if your organization is a corporation since corporations cannot make campaign contributions or legally engage in the endorsement of candidates.

Your contribution is not tax-deductible. However, it will assuredly be a worthwhile investment resulting initially in informed voters and ultimately in righteous persons being elected to govern, particularly in our city.

Expenses include ongoing reviews of required reports, bank fees, website hosting, standard office expenditures, and minimal secretarial assistance.

For further information, see contact form below.

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