July 14, 2020

(Early Voting Monday June 29 – Friday July 10)

Pastors PAC

ENDORSED means we believe the candidate exhibits a biblical worldview on issues such as sanctity of human life and traditional marriage.
FAVOR means we believe the biblical worldview is not as strong as ENDORSED but is BETTER or FAR BETTER than the other candidates.
PREFER means a biblical worldview is weak or lacking, but from the candidates running for this office we prefer this one.

United States Representative, District 20Gary AllenEndorse
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 20)
United States Representative, District 23Raul ReyesEndorse
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 23)
United States Representative, District 35Jenny Garcia SharonFavor
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 35)
Member, State Board of Education, Dist 5Lani PoppEndorse
(Miembro de la Junta Estatal de Educación
Pública, Distrito Núm. 5)
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3Tom RickhoffFavor
(Comisionado del Condado, Precinto 3)
County ChairmanCynthia BrehmFavor
(Presidente del Condado)


1. We looked for candidates who meet the qualifications in Exodus 18:21. They are people of good character and are able (competent) to serve in the office for which they seek election.
2. We sent each candidate a survey giving opportunity to share their religious values.
3. In the absence of a complete survey, we googled the candidate or secured whatever information we could.
4. We deliberated thoughtfully before giving our endorsement. We attended candidate forums, talked to some candidates by phone and consulted with other groups in the state who were vetting.
5. We believe our list will be beneficial to the citizen who is seeking to evaluate who to vote for.
6. You may print and take this list with you in the voting booth.

Paid pol adv by Pastors PAC (www.PastorsPAC.org) and not
authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

Revision 7-13-20