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November 6, 2018

(Early Voting October 22 – November 2)

Pastors PAC

ENDORSED means we believe the candidate exhibits a biblical worldview on issues such as sanctity of human life and traditional marriage.
FAVOR means we believe the biblical worldview is not as strong as ENDORSED but is BETTER or FAR BETTER than the other candidates.
PREFER means a biblical worldview is weak or lacking, but from the candidates running for this office we prefer this one.

U. S. SenatorTed CruzENDORSED
U. S. Representative District 20NO ENDORSEMENT
U. S. Representative District 21Chip RoyENDORSED
U. S. Representative District 23Will HurdFAVOR
U. S. Representative District 28NO ENDORSEMENT
U. S. Representative District 35David SmallingFAVOR
GovernorGreg AbbottENDORSED
Lieutenant GovernorDan PatrickENDORSED
Attorney GeneralKen PaxtonENDORSED
Comptroller of Public AccountsGlenn HegarENDORSED
Commissioner of the General Land OfficeGeorge P. BushENDORSED
Commissioner of AgricultureSid MillerENDORSED
Railroad CommissionerChristi CraddickENDORSED
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2Jimmy BlacklockENDORSED
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4John DevineENDORSED
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6Jeff BrownENDORSED
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal AppealsSharon KellerPREFER
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7Barbara Parker HerveyENDORSED
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8Michelle SlaughterENDORSED
Member, State Board of Education, District 3Marisa B PerezUnopposed
State Senator, District 25Donna CampbellENDORSED
State Representative District 116Fernando PadronENDORSED
State Representative District 117Michael BerlangaENDORSED
State Representative District 118John LujanENDORSED
State Representative District 119Roland GutierrezUnopposed
State Representative District 120Ronald PaynePREFER
State Representative District 121Steve AllisonPREFER
State Representative District 122Lyle LarsonPREFER
State Representative District 123Unopposed
State Representative District 124Johnny ArrendondoPREFER
State Representative District 125NO ENDORSEMENT
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 2Marialyn BarnardENDORSED
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 3Jason PulliamENDORSED
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 4Patrick BallantyneFAVOR
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 5Rebecca SimmonsENDORSED
Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 7Shane StolarczykENDORSED
District Judge, 45th Judicial DistrictStephani WalshPREFER
District Judge, 144th Judicial DistrictLorina RummelENDORSED
District Judge, 150th Judicial DistrictRenee YantaENDORSED
District Judge, 186th Judicial DistrictJefferson MooreENDORSED
District Judge, 187th Judicial DistrictKarl AlexanderENDORSED
District Judge, 224th Judicial DistrictCathleen "Cathy" StrykerENDORSED
District Judge, 225th Judicial DistrictPeter SakaiENDORSED
District Judge, 226th Judicial DistrictTodd McCrayENDORSED
District Judge, 227th Judicial DistrictKevin M. O'ConnellENDORSED
District Judge, 285th Judicial DistrictRichard PriceENDORSED
District Judge, 288th Judicial DistrictClint LawsonFAVOR
District Judge, 289th Judicial DistrictDaphne Previti AustinENDORSED
District Judge, 290th Judicial DistrictMelisa SkinnerENDORSED
District Judge, 436th Judicial DistrictLisa K. JarrettENDORSED
District Judge, 437th Judicial DistrictLori I. ValenzuelaENDORSED
Criminal District Attorney Bexar CountyTylden ShaefferENDORSED
County JudgeTom RickhoffENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.1John D. Fleming IIENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.2Jason WolffENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.3Ashley FosterFAVOR
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.4Jason R. GarrahanENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.5John LongoriaENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.6Wayne ChristianENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.7Eugenia WrightPREFER
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.8Celeste BrownENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.9Walden SheltonENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.10Karen CrouchPREFER
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.11Tommy StolhandskeENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.12Scott RobertsENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.13Crystal ChandlerENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.14Susan SkinnerENDORSED
Judge, County Court-at-Law No.15Bob BehrensENDORSED
Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No.1Kelly CrossPREFER
Judge, County Probate Court-at-Law No.2Julie HardawayFAVOR
District ClerkDonna Kay McKinneyFAVOR
County ClerkGerard RickhoffPREFER
County Commissioner Pct. 2Theresa ConnollyENDORSED
County Commissioner Pct. 4NO ENDORSEMENT
Justice of the Peace Pct.1 Place. 1NO ENDORSEMENT
Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Place. 2NO ENDORSEMENT
Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 Place. 1Jeff WentworthFAVOR
Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Place. 1NO ENDORSEMENT
Edwards Aquifer Authority Director, Dist. 7Gilbert Stanley-MedordPREFER
City of San Antonio Charter Amendments Election Proposition AFOR
City of San Antonio Charter Amendments Election Proposition BFOR
City of San Antonio Charter Amendments Election Proposition CFOR


1. We looked for candidates who meet the qualifications in Exodus 18:21. They are people of good character and are able (competent) to serve in the office for which they seek election.
2. We sent each Texas candidate a survey giving opportunity to share their religious values.
3. In the absence of a complete survey, we googled the candidate or secured whatever information we could.
4. We deliberated thoughtfully before giving our endorsement. We attended candidate forums, talked to some candidates by phone and consulted with other groups in the state who were vetting.
5. We believe our list will be beneficial to the citizen who is seeking to evaluate who to vote for.
6. You may print and take this list with you in the voting booth.

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