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March 3, 2020

(Early Voting February 18-28)

Pastors PAC

ENDORSED means we believe the candidate exhibits a biblical worldview on issues such as sanctity of human life and traditional marriage.
FAVOR means we believe the biblical worldview is not as strong as ENDORSED but is BETTER or FAR BETTER than the other candidates.
PREFER means a biblical worldview is weak or lacking, but from the candidates running for this office we prefer this one.

President (Presidente)Donald JTrumpEndorsed
United States SenatorJohnCornynEndorsed
United States Representative, District 20DominickDinaEndorsed
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 20)
United States Representative, District 21ChipRoyEndorsed
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 21)
United States Representative, District 23Sharon Breck…ThomasEndorsed
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 23)
United States Representative, District 28SandraWhittenFavor
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 28)
United States Representative, District 35NickMoutosEndorsed
(Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 35)
Railroad CommissionerRyanSittonEndorsed
(Comisionado de Ferrocarriles)
Chief Justice, Supreme CourtNathanHechtEndorsed
(Juez Presidente, Corte Suprema)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6JaneBlandUnopposed
(Juez, Corte Suprema, Lugar Núm. 6)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7JeffBoydEndorsed
(Juez, Corte Suprema, Lugar Núm. 7)
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8BrettBusbyFavor
(Juez, Corte Suprema, Lugar Núm. 8)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3BertRichardsonEndorsed
(Juez, Corte de Apelaciones Criminales, Lugar Núm. 3)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4Kevin PatrickYearyFavor
(Juez, Corte de Apelaciones Criminales, Lugar Núm. 4)
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9DavidNewellEndorsed
(Juez, Corte de Apelaciones Criminales, Lugar Núm. 9)
Member, State Board of Education, Dist 5LaniPoppEndorsed
(Miembro de la Junta Estatal de Educación
Pública, Distrito Núm. 5)
State Senator, District 19Peter P. (Pete)FloresEndorsed
(Senador Estatal, Distrito Núm. 19)
State Senator, District 21FrankPomeroyEndorsed
(Senador Estatal, Distrito Núm. 21)
State Representative, District 116FernandoPadronEndorsed
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 116)
State Representative, District 117Carlos AntonioRaymondUnopposed
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 117)
State Representative, District 118AdamSalyerFavor
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 118)
State Representative, District 119)George BGarzaUnopposed
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 119)
State Representative, District 120Andrew FVicencioFavor
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 120)
State Representative, District 121SteveAllisonUnopposed
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 121)
State Representative, District 122LyleLarsonUnopposed
(Representante Estatal, Distrito Núm. 122)
Chief Justice, 4th Court of Appeals DistrictReneeYantaEndorsed
(Juez Presidente, Corte de Apelaciones, Distrito Núm. 4)
District Judge, 37th Judicial DistrictJosephAppeltEndorsed
(Juez del Distrito, Distrito Judicial Núm. 37)
District Judge, 386th Judicial DistrictDaphne PrevetiAustinEndorsed
(Juez del Distrito, Distrito Judicial Núm. 386)
District Judge, 399th Judicial DistrictWaldenSheltonUnopposed
(Juez del Distrito, Distrito Judicial Núm. 399)
District Judge, 407th Judicial DistrictStephaniWalshUnopposed
(Juez del Distrito, Distrito Judicial Núm. 407)
Sheriff (Sherife)WillieNgEndorsed
County Tax Assessor-CollectorMichaelBerlangaEndorsed
(Asesor-Colector de Impuestos del Condado)
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 1GabrielLaraFavor
(Comisionado del Condado, Precinto Núm. 1)
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3WestonMartinezEndorsed
(Comisionado del Condado, Precinto 3)
Constable, Precinct No. 2 CharliePena JrEndorsed
(Agente de Policía, Precinto Núm. 2)
Constable, Precinct No. 3MarkVojvodichEndorsed
(Agente de Policía, Precinto Núm. 3)
Constable, Precinct No. 4Martin RodChavezFavor
(Agente de Policía, Precinto Núm. 4)
County ChairmanCynthiaBrehmEndorsed
(Presidente del Condado)
Precinct Chair # 2003RitaSanchezEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 2084PatriciaVarelaEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 2108Shelby RaeSandersEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 2115PhilipSevillaEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 3039TommyFranksEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 3083Beverly BallAdamsEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 3089MarkMetzgerEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 3105StevenJordanEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 4043D.HopeGigerEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 4157Jack M.FingerEndorsed
Precinct Chair # 4172Michael JohnCoxEndorsed

Primary propositions are essentially a survey of voters’ opinion on a subject.
Vote your opinion.

Republican Ballot Propositions
(Propuestas para la Boleta del Partido Republicano)

Republican Proposition #1
FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS: Texas should not restrict or prohibit prayer in public schools.
(Propuesta Republicana Núm. 1)
(DERECHOS DE LA PRIMERA ENMIENDA: El Estado de Texas no debe restringir ni prohibir, el que se pueda orar en las escuelas públicas.)
o Yes (Sí) o No (No)

Republican Proposition #2
SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS: Texas should reject restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.
(Propuesta Republicana Núm. 2)
(DERECHOS DE LA SEGUNDA ENMIENDA: El Estado de Texas debe rechazar las restricciones al derecho a tener y portar armas.)
o Yes (Sí) o No (No)

Republican Proposition #3
ENDING TAXPAYER-FUNDED LOBBYING: Texas should ban the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, which allows your tax dollars to be spent on lobbyists who work against the taxpayer.
(Propuesta Republicana Núm. 3)
(PONER FIN AL LOBBY (Cabildeo) FINANCIADO POR LOS CONTRIBUYENTES : El Estado de Texas debe prohibir la práctica del cabildeo financiado por los contribuyentes, que permite que el dinero generado de los impuestos del contribuyente se utilice en contra del mismo contribuyente por la práctica del cabildeo.)
o Yes (Sí) o No (No)

Republican Proposition #4
BORDER WALL: Texas should support the construction of a physical barrier and use existing defense-grade surveillance equipment along the entire southern border of Texas.
(Propuesta Republicana Núm. 4)
(MURO FRONTERIZO: El Estado de Texas debe apoyar la construcción de una barrera física y utilizar, equipo de vigilancia de defensa militar de alta tecnología a lo largo de toda la frontera sur de Texas.)
o Yes (Sí) o No (No)

Republican Proposition #5
PARENTAL RIGHTS: Texas parents or legal guardians of public school children under the age of 18 should be the sole decision makers for all their children’s healthcare decisions including, but not limited to, psychological assessment and treatment, contraception, and sex education.
(Propuesta Republicana Núm. 5)
(DERECHOS DE LOS PADRES: Los padres o tutores legales de menores de 18 años en las escuelas de Texas, deben ser los únicos responsables de tomar decisiones concernientes a la salud de sus hijos; incluyendo sin limitación a toma de decisiones para evaluaciones psicológicas, administración de tratamientos anticonceptivos y a recibir educación sexual.)
o Yes (Sí) o No (No)



1. We looked for candidates who meet the qualifications in Exodus 18:21. They are people of good character and are able (competent) to serve in the office for which they seek election.
2. We sent each candidate a survey giving opportunity to share their religious values.
3. In the absence of a complete survey, we googled the candidate or secured whatever information we could.
4. We deliberated thoughtfully before giving our endorsement. We attended candidate forums, talked to some candidates by phone and consulted with other groups in the state who were vetting.
5. We believe our list will be beneficial to the citizen who is seeking to evaluate who to vote for.
6. You may print and take this list with you in the voting booth.

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